Athens Full Day Tour

Athens Full Day Tour Taking time to go for tours is very crucial in our day to day life. For this reason, is bringing a great opportunity for you to explore the famous historical Athens. The touring chance is open for everyone including, single travelers, persons with disabilities, elderly people (seniors) and families with…


Athens Short Tour

Athens Short Tour As fascinating as this sounds, Athens short tour maybe this is the point you have to cut down on long luxury tours as there are many historical locations lying in wait for you to explore. Visit one of the ancient cities in the world (Athens} should certainly be on your list. ATHENS…


Athens by Night

Athens by Night Athens by Night under the city light of Athens lies the best moment for romance. Athens is largely coveted as the home of Greek archaeological piece and wonderful sculpture. The phrase “city of God’s” was coined from its contribution to the ancient Greek tradition. A visit to this famous city is a…


Cape Sounion Tour

Photos of Cape Sounio Tours Book Cape Sounion TourBook with Taxi/SUV Cape Sounion private tour with Taxi/SUV (1-4 Passengers) Duration of trip: 5 hours, Price from: 150€ Passengers:1234 Luggage:01234567 Date: Special Notes: I agree to the Taxiteam Terms & Privacy Policy Book with Van Cape Sounion private tour with Van (1-8 Passengers) Duration of trip:…


Meteora Tour

Meteora Tour METEORA AND MONASTERIES PRIVATE TOUR. Tour in Meteora is the first on every tourist to-do list. After been named among the world heritage center by UNESCO in 1988. Apart from being a site for tourism it also serves as a means of recreation and earns a spot among the top ancient monument in Greece.…


Delphi Tour Day Trip

Delphi Tour Day Trip Delphi Tour Day Trip has a track record as one of the famous sanctuaries up to date. During the early centuries, the belief was that Delphi was the center of the whole world which was a fascinating and compelling statement. Considering the famous sanctuary, it makes it perfect for you to…


Athens and Cape Sounion Tour

Athens and Cape Sounion Tour Athens and Sounion are the best destinations you need to visit at least once in your lifetime. The reason behind this is the fact that Athens and Cape Sounion have a beautiful historical, natural and cultural background you need to explore. Remember though that traveling, and touring is such a…


Argolida Tour

Argolida Tour Argolida Tour could be a once in a lifetime experience but could prove tricky it starts with questions like: Where to go? How to go and info about the facilities in your choosing destination. Your choice can make or mare your vacation. Fortunately, there are various tour locations in the world. From Europe…


Private Tours Athens Greece

The private Tours-Athens Greece of Taxiteam are one of the best options for travelers and tourists who are looking for inspirational places and sites. Private tours which they can find a value that will return their investment in the long term, spending an unforgettable vacation with families and friends.

This form of travel has become quite popular in recent years, especially for those seeking exclusive services where your comfort is a priority throughout the trip. Then, we will find out what they are and how do they bring positive points to our travel plans.

Professional private transfer services and tour

One of the most notable differences in the services of private Tours-Athens Greece, is the transport quality and variety of vehicles which TaxiTeam provides. Which is constituted using taxis, limos and vans to be able to take a determined amount of passengers anywhere around the city.

Reliable drivers pick you up right from your door or the meeting point you choose and your trip to the most famous cultural places in Athens begins.

Professional drivers in climate-controlled vehicles with features that are difficult to compare take you to discover city’s hidden ancient and modern beauty.

You can take your camera with you! Since you will pass through places and monuments that have been restored over the years,making their views a spectacle without equal you can keep beautiful memories.


The amount of money you will be able to save with private Tours-Athens Greece is much greater than that seen in other kinds of services. With a balance between the quality of the service and what travelers expect, it becomes the best choice for anyone looking for smart choices.

Don’t hesitate anymore- book our travel plans now and save time and money in a way never before seen. Enjoy a trip through one of the most culturally rich regions, and live experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Achieve your travel goals and leave your mark all over the city, especially with us.